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biopryn pregnancy testing, bvd testing

  1. Bundle tubes together in groups of 1-10 tubes with a rubber band and wrap with a paper towel to absorb any blood from leaks or broken tubes.  Please do not tape around samples.

  2. Place inside a leak proof zipper bag or baggie. During summer months, send an ice pack in a baggie (Condensation will smear labels). PLEASE DO NOT SEND BAGS OF FROZEN WATER!

  3. Pack bubble wrap, paper towels, or newspapers around the bag inside the box (we do not suggest using padded envelopes because they do not provide sufficient protection and often tubes arrive broken).

  4. All samples require a submission form and payment.  Please do not staple or tape together.             

  5.  Send through United  States Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.  FedEx arrives after 2:00 most days so samples will be in the next day's batch.  No need to ship overnight.  Express mail does not often arrive in time for same day testing.

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