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  • A2: Milk Casein – $20

  • AM: Arthrogryposis Multiplex (Also known as Curly Calf Syndrome) – $24

  • NH: Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (Also known as Water Head) – $24

  • CA: Contractural Arachnodactyly (Also known as Fawn Calf Syndrome) – $24

  • COLOR COAT: (Homozygous) – $24

  • DD: Developmental Duplication – $30

  • DS: Digital Subluxation (Tree climber) – $30

  • HY: Hypotrichosis  (Hairlessness) – $24

  • MSUD:  Maple Syrup Urine Disease - $24

  • OH: Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (Blue eyes) – $24

  • OS: Osteopetrosis (Marble bone) – $20

  • PHA: Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca – $26

  • TH: Tibial Hemimelia – $26

Test is ran off whole blood in a purple topped tube or on a blood card, hair follicles on a hair card (animal must be at least 6 months of age for hair sample), or semen.  Hair will not be accepted unless on a hair card.

Please allow 5- 6 weeks for results from the time we received samples.  Occasionally, a sample may have to be retested which may take another 10 days.

*Results can be reported to the Association if all information including membership # is included.


  1. If you fail to provide a clean or adequate sample, and your results come back N/R (No Results), you are still responsible for paying for that test.  This form is for bovine samples.

  2. To provide a clean sample of hair, clean the hair from all dirt and manure prior to pulling. Place follicle end of hair under film on hair card and trim excess. You MUST have 30+ hair follicles to test. If not, this may cause N/R.   Look for follicles.

  3. To send an adequate blood sample, fill the entire blood card circle/square and air dry. Do NOT let cards dry in direct sun. This will destroy the DNA. Blood can be sent in a purple top tube.  If you do send blood in a purple top tube, please make sure to refrigerate and then ship with an ice pack in warm temperatures (June, July, August).

  4. For calves 0-6 months, please only send in blood sample, not hair.

  5. Results typically take 5 -6 weeks from the time we received them.  Some results will take longer if they have to be retested in the lab. This is where a clean and adequate sample becomes important. There is no way to expedite the test so please bear with us. We will contact you once we have results.

  6. If you want your results submitted to an association, you must provide all the required information. See shaded areas for required information.  DNA testing needs to go through the association if you want results submitted.  If it is for your own information to compare samples for parentage, we can process the samples but most associations will not take our results.

  7. Filling out a submission form is very crucial to getting accurate and fast results. Please fill out all fields that apply to the animal(s) being tested.  If you do not fill out a way for us to contact you with results, you will receive your results in the mail. A $5.00 fee per sample is applied for not having a submission form filled out.

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