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Cattle Herd Health Services Available from SEK Genetics, Inc.

Cost effective herd health actions that you may find desirable are listed below with brief explanations. For more in depth information, call our office at 800-443-6389. Ask for one of the vets, Dr. Don Coover or Dr. Clem Neely.

Blood Pregnancy Testing (bioPRYN) / Diagnosis $2.60/cow

An inexpensive test that is very accurate, very early in gestation (accurate as early as 28 full days post breeding). Convenient, non-invasive, and very safe for the pregnancy/embryo. Be aware that samples taken for pregnancy diagnosis earlier than 72 days post calving are not reliable since the protein that the test detects can still be present in the dam. However, this is seldom a concern since it would be unusual for a cow to breed as early as 44 days post calving. 99% accurate in detecting open cows and 96% accurate in detecting pregnant cows. 2-3cc blood in red top tube.

PI-BVD Testing $3.50/animal

Persistently infected, or PI-BVD animals are animals that are born affected with BVD, never get over it, and shed massive quantities of the virus for as long as they live. They pose a significant danger for other animals in the herd, especially other young calves and cows that are breeding. Testing is the only way to identify PI’s. BVD is a virus that antibiotics will not cure. Be aware PI animals destroy your herd health efforts and potentially your reputation if you unknowingly market these animals. The preferred sample is an ear notch but this test can also be run on whole blood or serum in a red topped tube. A single test will tell you the animals’ status for life. PI animals are born that way and can’t become persistently infected after birth.

Bovine Neosporosis $4.50/animal

Neospora is caused by a protozoan parasite that causes a lifelong infection which results in a much greater risk of abortion in cattle. There is no effective treatment and no currently available, useful vaccine. Infection is very common in some parts of the US and is an extremely common cause of abortion. This is a disease that gets very little attention, but we find it practically everywhere. If you have experienced diagnosed pregnant cows that did not calve or that aborted mid to late term, you should test for this parasite. Infection rates in some mid-west herds exceed 10% and these animals are many times more likely to lose pregnancies. Preferred sample is 2-3cc whole blood in a red top tube.

Johne’s Disease $4.75/animal

Johne’s disease is a chronic wasting problem caused by Mycobacterium Paratubuculosis. It is a devastating problem that causes long term herd health problems. In the later stages of the disease, affected animals shed the organism in their feces, which contaminates the environment and causes the infection of calves. If you suspect you may have a Johne’s problem in your herd, consult with your veterinarian for the best testing strategy. Preferred sample is 2-3cc blood in a red top tube.

Samples and Submission

Blood samples are best obtained by tail bleeding. 2-3cc of blood in a red top tube is ideal and a submission form is required. Submission forms can be downloaded from our website Label tubes with animal ID and package for safe delivery. You can use an ice pack but please don’t use ice. Be sure to select the tests desired and the way you want to receive your results. In order to receive your results without delay please include payment with the samples. All necessary testing supplies can be ordered online via our website. There you can also find a video on how to tail bleed cattle.

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